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You Are An Improviser

As I write this, I am sitting under a tree in a park, scribbling in the
margins of my paper and pretending I know what I’m doing. To my
right, I can hear a young couple on a first date. They laugh awkwardly
in the pauses between their conversation, assuring themselves and
each other that they know what they’re doing too. Across the park, 
I see a mother shouting to her child that he should get out of that
tree right now because she knows what she’s doing and he had better
listen. It seems to me that the only sane person here is hanging upside
down from a tree branch. He seems totally happy with uncertainty, 
with the joy of not knowing what will happen next. When did we lose
that feeling? At some point in our lives, we have all forgotten a lesson
that children know instinctively:
Life isn’t scripted. Every interaction we will ever have exists in the
moment, with a million shifting circumstances that are entirely out of
our control. We love to tell ourselves that we have it all figured out, 
that by this point in our lives we should know what we’re doing. That
we’re grown-ups, that everyone else seems to get it. Uncertainty is
scary and “planning” sounds so much nicer than “winging it”, so we
pretend. We fake it till we make it and leave uncertain thoughts in our