The Yes And Journal is a series of written prompts inspired by improv exercises. With this book, Matthew Beard (of Big Chicken Improv) shares his mindset-driven approach, helping improvisers stay energized and engaged between classes and in daily life.

Praise for The Yes And Journal:

Patricia Ryan Madson - Author of Improv Wisdom

"When you think about it, your life is more like an improvisation than any scripted play. We're always improvising, even when we are not aiming for comedy. Those who study improvisation know that the principles that give a performer confidence and guidance are also great advice for life: things like- be positive, notice the gifts, help your partner, enjoy the ride.

With this book, Matthew Beard has created an amazing way to focus our minds on how to apply improv to life. His journal does something important: it gives us a way to practice improv when we are alone. I can't wait to buy a bundle of these useful books to give to all of my friends. You should too!"

Jimmy Carrane - Improv Nerd Blog/ Podcast

"I am often asked the question, what can improvisers do in between shows and class to get better? One thing I found that helps is to write, or more specifically to journal. You can work out a lot of stuff on the page that can help you get out of your own way. I have also found writing on regular basis helps me to articulate my ideas, which is a plus if you’re someone who needs to think on your feet on a regular basis.

So, when I heard improviser Matthew Beard was creating an improv journal, I got excited."

People and Chairs - The Improv Blog With Attitude

"Every once in a while something comes along that makes us go, 'Fuck yeah!' Case in point: The Yes And Journal. It’s a new way to bring a little improv joy into each day, with exercises and affirmations you can do at home.

Since not everyone can perform or take classes on a regular basis, it’s a great idea for keeping creative wheels greased and freeing yourself of judgement."


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