Meet our performers, instructors, and staff!

Jarrod Cunliffe

Jarrod has been a fan of improv ever since he first saw a certain balding Canadian on Whose Line Is It Anyway as a kid. After winning the highly coveted "Best Actor" award in grade eight, his debut improv performances came through the Niagara Falls School of Drama's improv nights. His improv experience continued throughout high school and even into his work today as a historical interpreter. After some time away from the stage, Jarrod is excited to be back and has joined Big Chicken with a desire to improve not only his skills, but the skills - and lives - of those around him. (Preferably without the balding.)

Tori Waite

Tori has 5 total years of improv experience with some very top-notch institutions. She's been able to learn and grow as a performer through working with the Canadian Improv Games, the Making-Box, Improv University, the University of Waterloo, and Big Chicken Improv. Tori believes that everyone should experience the positivity and happiness that improv creates.

Trevor McTavish

Trevor is a graduate from the only accredited comedy program in the world, Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performing. Trevor has had the privilege of learning from some of the best improvising coaches in Canada including Kevin Patrick Robinson from Bad Dog Theatre, Alan Gutman of Toronto Second City and SCTV legend Joe Flaherty. Trevor took his love of improvisation and brought it to his career in teaching where he has been a part of coaching multiple teams in the Canadian Improv Games.

Joedy Ebert

Joedy has been teaching Drama and coaching Improv for over 20 years. She began her Improv journey in the Montreal region of the Canadian Improv Games but for the past 17 years has coached the Grimsby SS team who have competed at the National level 6 times. She is currently a member of the CIG’s Artistic Advisory Committee and has been recognized regionally and nationally for her coaching and dedication to the improv community. She gives regular workshops to new coaches and fellow Drama teachers, and is thrilled to be with BCI.

Erin North

Erin is an improv enthusiast with a love for music and makeup. Improv to Erin is a judge free space to let the weight of the world off your shoulders and just say "yes". Erin is incredibly happy to be where she is today.

Brandon Kennedy

Brandon, a long-time ‘Whose Line’ fan, began improvising in high school, regularly jamming after school and attending ‘Canadian Improv Games’ tournaments. Beginning his studies of the dramatic arts at Brock University in 2012, Brandon trained and performed with Brock Improv. throughout his degree. In June of 2017 he attended an improv show at his former high school where he was introduced to the evening’s performers, Big Chicken Improv. A week later Brandon joined and hasn't looked back since.

Breanna Kovacs

Bre Kovacs has been involved with Improv for 7 years. She competed in the Canadian Improv Games for four years and took first place in three of those years. She’s completed over 40 National level workshops through CIG and currently volunteers for the regional and national level tournaments. In 2015 she toured Southern Ontario with the Ontario School of Devised and Physical Theatre in the production of Let’s Talk About and performed on CanStage. She's trained in clown at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Performance and teaches clown and improv workshops today.

Mark Maecker

Mark Maecker started improvising in high school and hasn't stopped since. He has performed for charity shows and taught workshops all around the Niagara Region, both for the DSBN and the Town of Pelham. Outside of improv, Mark is also a professional musician who regularly performs songs from his debut album, You May Then See.

Matthew Beard

Matthew Beard has been performing, teaching, and writing about improv for five wonderful years. In that time, he has been a member of the Brigade at The Making-Box, received the Johnson Hart award from The Canadian Improv Games, and co-founded Big Chicken Improv. His writing has been featured on Jimmy Carrane’s Improv Nerd Blog, People and Chairs - The Improv Blog With Attitude, and The Making-Box Blog. Matt believes improv can change lives, and even wrote a book about it.

Josh Loewen

Josh started improvising 5 years ago, and he hasn't stopped since (except for sleep every once in a while). He's trained in Toronto, Guelph, Niagara, Halifax, and even a little in Quebec. He's a member of The Making-Box Brigade and the Big Chicken Ensemble. He's won Duo To The Death, placed first in The Canadian Improv Games, trained at the Next Act Festival in Halifax, and performed in every show he could. Josh is a co-founder of Big Chicken Improv and a dreamer with too much imagination and not enough time.

Kyle Kerslake

Kyle Kerslake has been improvising for five years. In that time, he's placed second in The Canadian Improv Games and performed with friends from across Niagara. Kyle is currently pursing a BA in History at Brock University and is thrilled to be back on stage- bringing his experience in theatrical clown to play high energy, zany characters at a moments notice

Alec Waddell

Alec has been doing improv for many years. He has a 4th and first place medals at the national level of the Canadian Improv Games. Alec is the recipient of the Julie Dumais Heart award in the Toronto region of the Canadian Improv Games. He spent 4 years as a student at Improv University and has now become a councillor there. A former member of North of Normal improv in Ottawa, Alec has found his way to Big Chicken Improv where he continues to love and learn.

Alex Sykes

This is Alex! Alex has been improvising for four years. He’s trained and performed in Guelph with The Making-Box, in Toronto with Bad Dog Theatre Company, and in Ottawa, Montreal, and Niagara with the Canadian Improv Games. Alex is a founding member of Big Chicken Improv with a passion for theatre and performance.